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Common Symptoms of Spirit Attachment


Frequent Abdominal Pains and Headaches 

Ghosts position themselves inside our bodies most often in the energy centers located... Read More  

Chronic Fatigue / Lack of Energy 

Chronic fatigue in life is a quite frequent indication that we are dealing with possession... Read More  

Mood Swings 

Powerful or frequent mood changes indicate that, at certain moments, we are... Read More  

Negative Emotional Outbursts 

Negative emotional outbursts indicate that within our energy field, part of which are our... Read More

 Powerful Negative Emotions 

The world of ghosts is built on emotions, passions, desires. They are incapable of distancing... Read More

States of Anxiety / Panic 

Strong anxiety states will be experienced by all those who are possessed by ghosts. This... Read More

Personality Disorders 

Personality disorders appear most frequently when our problem is ghosts. We have to take... Read More


Sometimes there are several or even several dozen ghosts in our body. Such ghosts will... Read More


A long-lasting or chronic depression comes about when the ghost which possesses us is a... Read More 


 Hypochondria is often caused by the presence of ghosts inside a person. A person may... Read More  


Alienation happens to people who have become possessed by a ghost which is very... Read More

Suicidal Thoughts 

Suicide thoughts most often appear in people who have been possessed by a ghost whose... Read More


Obesity sometimes shows itself in people who have been possessed by a ghost which loved... Read More


Underweight can occur in all those people who are possessed by a ghost which for various... Read More  


Anorexia often happens to people possessed by a ghost which wants to drive a person to... Read More  


Bulimia most often occurs in people possessed by a ghost which wants to overeat. The... Read More 

Mental Illness 

Mental illness nearly always stems from possession. A person starts to behave strangely or...Read More  

Severe Allergies 

Allergy is nothing other than the organism's defensive reaction against a ghost possessing it... Read More

Addictions: Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Gambling, Sex Etc. 

Alcoholism, drug-addiction, or generally speaking any kind of dependency is often caused by...Read More

Urge to do Things Outside the Law 

It can happen that we are tempted to commit illegal acts by ghosts. A possessed person... Read More

Activity of Invisible Beings 

If you suffer because of the activity of beings which you cannot see, if you are tormented by... Read More

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