Wanda Pratnicka, PhD, has helped tens of thousands of people
around the world who have suffered from mental disturbances
and physical illnesses they thought were incurable.

Spirit & Ghost Attachment

Wanda is a leader in the psychology of the soul and freeing people of dependencies between themselves and spirit entities, aka ghosts and negative energy. Her unique ability is that she is able to diagnose and remove entities or what some mistakenly think is demonic possession, from people remotely; no matter where a person is located.

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September 8-10, 2017

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Berlin, Germany

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Wettingen, Switzerland

November 3-5, 2017

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November 10-12, 2017

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November 17-19, 2017

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Conscious Community, Chicago

May, 2017

Not everybody realizes they have died. Just like in the movie The Sixth Sense where Bruce Willis’ character missed his own death, there are many souls who think they are still alive. These people can be friends or relatives who have passed away. Many of these souls either don’t know they are dead, or don’t believe they have died. It is as if they are living in a dream-like state.

Common Ground, San Francisco

April, 2017

Anger can be highly destructive. This is not just for the person who is having anger unleashed upon them, but also for the person getting angry. Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. independent scholar and book author, teaches that anger can be the root cause of illnesses, mental disorders and spirit attachments.

Good Life

April, 2016

My life has not always been filled with positive moments. Since I can remember, there was always a lack of love and warmth in my home. My mom struggled with depression and often complete strangers had to take care of me. When I was a little girl I couldn’t understand why my mom was always sad, unkempt, and didn’t have the strength to drop me off at school. When I was senior in high school my mom started to take psychotropic drugs and mixing them with alcohol.

Natural Awakenings, New York

March, 2016

Who are people that reach out to you for help and how often do you deal with a case of possession?
My patients are people of all professions - from housewives, laborers, students to scientists, professors, lawyers, politicians and celebrities. I have been asked for help by priests and nuns, though it might appear that they have professional help at hand. All my patients were similarly unhappy, lost, deprived of hope for the future.

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